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Free Comic Book Day Ultimate Road Trip Map

I can’t remember the first year I participated in Free Comic Book Day, but I do know that in the decade or more that I have been doing them (I’m not 30 just yet) that each consecutive year becomes more epic.

I will be posting my own Amazing Race style FCBD antics over on Twitter and Instagram @SFComicsFest and Facebook through the page “San Francisco Comics Fest.” #SFCF2015 and #BayFCBD for all.

You can follow my personal account via Twitter @ninakester.

Use our hashtag #SFCF2015 to share your Free Comic Book Day antics with us!

Also, as an extra treat, 3 years ago I started mapping out my targets for the day and it’s about time I share it with you. Here’s my map of San Francisco, North Bay, East Bay and South Bay to San Jose to fit your needs no matter where you are in the Bay Area:

I’ve listed opening and closing hours for all the shops in my notes on locations for SF and East Bay. (Those are the places I’ll be hitting up this year.)

Also, if you don’t see a shop for the Bay Area listed that you think should be, please tweet me @ninakester and I will add it for next year.

For locations just about anywhere you can also check:

The Cartoon Art Museum is also giving away free monthly back issues (not the FCBD ones)!

A quick note on being a good FCBDer:
Shops put their own money out for the free comics, it’s not free to them, and they often have awesome sales! Please be respectful and only take the allotted amount of free comics from the store and buy something fun while you’re there!

Happy Free Comic Book Day!

I’ll be posting a recap of the amazing day once I recuperate.